Audio/Video Streaming
UPCI.NET specializes in audio and video hosting and encoding for broadcasting via the Internet. Now you can promote your church or ministry services live, worldwide, or offer archived services on your website for viewers to watch at their leisure. We utilize high-speed connections with maximum quality and minimal buffering and latency.
What some of our churches and ministries are currently streaming:
  • UPCI General Conference - Live and on-demand
  • Sermons
  • Children / Youth Events
  • Conferences
  • Dramas
  • Bible Studies
Our streaming services are not only dependable, but very affordable!
How Do I Stream My Service/Event?
If you don't know what you need to get started, or how to set it up, we can help. For those ordering our streaming services we offer our technical support in setting up, encoding, and broadcasting your event, free of charge!
Is Website Hosting Required?
No. You can obtain our streaming services regardless if you host your website with us or not.
Example Stream
Click below for a sample video/audio stream:
If you are a low speed or dial connection, click here to view a smaller video file.