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These days having a website to promote your church is as important as being listed in the phonebook. Having a website that is current and up-to-date is even more important. Fresh and exciting content on your website will insure that the visitors will have a positive impression of you and your ministries.

The UPCInet "Ezedit Console" solution will allow your ministry to produce and maintain a website without having to spend extra money for software programs, web developers, and programmers. With your own digital images and a browser you can create a full-featured website with multiple modules that will be sure to impact those who  visit you online.

Build and manage your website with the powerful EZEDIT CONSOLE. No extra programs or programming knowledge is required! 

Ezedit Console Samples


Frontpage and Dreamweaver Sites

For those wishing to have full flexibility in design and layout, or those who have a website developer or an existing site that they just need hosting for, we offer our Frontpage/Dreamweaver plan, with afforable pricing.

New Online Registration Feature

Take the hassle out of hosting a conference or special event with online registration. We have designed this add-on feature to facilitate the growing demands and organizational needs that accompany event registrations. To learn more click here.

Audio / Video Streaming

We offer video and audio streaming as an additional service. UPCInet uses a Tier1 streaming solution that is second to none in consistency and quality with both Real and Windows Media supported - pay only for what you use!